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Job Search Career Resources | June 24, 2017

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Office Life

Holiday office party do’s and don’ts

December 16, 2014 |

It’s holiday office party season! Time to dust off your sequined tops, don your Christmas tree tie, and chug eggnog until last call… or maybe tone down your party animal side so you’ll still have a job come 2015.

Holiday parties … Read More

‘Tis the season for holiday networking

December 4, 2014 |

While most people usually associate the holiday with fun and festivities with friends and family, it can actually be a great time to look for work. Of course, there is always plenty of seasonal opportunities in the service industry, or … Read More

Work productivity: 3 awesome apps to keep you focused

October 29, 2014 |

Ever wish there were more hours in the day to get stuff done? Not that you WANT to work longer hours, of course, but simply so that you could get more accomplished?

Ever figure that you’d get more done if … Read More

5 great job movies to watch right now

October 21, 2014 |

Whether you’re working 9-5, shift work, from home, or you’re in between jobs, there’s always stresses involved with work or finding it. Whether you need to relax at the end of a long day, or need a break from pounding … Read More